Heavy machinery Shifting Services

When it comes to moving heavy machinery, you are going to need some special men and special equipments. These machineries are used in industrial processing and you need to shift them when you need to shift industries or factories.

The company has all the personnel and equipment required for the purpose, you can be sure. you are sure the staff is well equipped with cranes and dollies of all sorts that are going to be required for shifting heavy machinery. This includes some mechanics and engineers who area adept in dismantling and reinstalling heavy machinery.

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Quite often, these machineries cannot be shifted as such in the shape they are, so they are dismantled at the original site and reinstalled at their destination for the purpose of moving them. we take all care of your machinery so you can be sure everything gets to the other end in fine order and in no time.

We have special trucks and Lorries for ferrying them across cities and over highways. They are equipped with flat wide tyres specially designed to carry heavy loads for long distances. The drivers and staff who operate these trucks are also specially trained to deliver all your goods and belongings in perfect shape and condition.