Transportation Process

All your goods and belongings are transported using the best of lorries and trucks, you can be sure. we have the most spacious vehicles that are sturdy and designed to deal with the toughest cargo with elegance and ease. They have large tyres and are designed to handle a large cargo with a lot of weight.

To transport motor vehicles and automobiles, we use special carrier vehicles. They are specially designed to carry a large number of vehicles like automobiles and two-wheelers. You can be sure of the delivery of your automobile or your two-wheeler in no time when you approach us for help in shifting house.

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To ferry goods over long distances, air planes are used or even waterways are used. Of these, using waterways proves to be quite ecumenical although it is very slow. With air planes, you can be sure to get the cargo delivered at once, but it is quite expensive too. so, you are going to have to make your budget very clear before our staff so we can make the right choice for you.

There can always be accidents where the cargo can be damaged. The truck may be looted by highway-robbers or an untoward incident might take place. No one can avoid all this, but one can prepare for this by buying insurance for the goods.