Warehousing and storage Services

Your goods need to be stored in a safe and sound place while they are in transit. The period of transit can extend to some weeks and even some months, one can never be sure. the place of storage should be near the docks or the airport so they can easily be accessed.

We have the best of storage services in the city and even the best in the world. the places we have for storage are quite dry and cool. Their temperature is maintained at an optimum level using thermometers and coolers. When you have a cargo of edible items like burgers or pizzas, you can be sure there is facility for storing them in a cool place maintained by special refrigerators, you can be sure.

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Household goods should be kept in a place that is away from humidity and moisture of all kinds. The latter can destroy your cargo if it is let to remain in a humid and wet place for a long time. the warehouses maintained by us are all cool and dry. They are regularly checked for the presence of rodents and vermin that can damage your cargo.

Your cargo is also kept in a place that is away from any form of riots or uprising that may come up in the city. There are often flames and can damage your cargo. Tankers containing combustible materials like petrol and diesel are also kept at bay.